Price Match Guarantee*

With such a vast assortment of tools in today’s travel industry, it is hard for you as a consumer to judge whether you have found the best price for your vacation arrangements.

As a member of Travel Services Unlimited, you now have the assurance that you are being given the best pricing in the vacation industry. Your satisfaction is not an option, it is a must as a member. That is why we have developed a “Price Match Guarantee.” As a member you can be assured that Travel Services Unlimited will back up our promise to give you the lowest available rates.

At Travel Services Unlimited, we study the fast paced and ever evolving environment of the travel industry. Although, we are determined to making every effort to ensure that you get the lowest price available at the time of booking, we know that due to fast fluctuations in the travel industry, you may, from time to time find a more favorable price then one we have given.

Our Price Match Guarantees that you receive the lowest price available on the day you book with us. You'll also receive 10,000 TSU Reward Points.  Want to know more about Price Match Guarantee, ask your agent!

*Some exclusions apply. You must give us the site, the same day, and the exact trip. Price Match has to be “apples to apples”. Meaning that it has to be the same room type, price has to include taxes and fees, etc. We have to be comparing the exact same thing. Does not apply to group space, special reward programs, points programs or reimbursement credit.