DNA Journeys

Have You Ever Wondered, “What is my true heritage?” Well now you can find out with DNA Journeys. Recent advances in DNA testing have opened the doors to finding out what your true heritage is. With a simple saliva test, you can find out your specific background and ethnicity. Travel Services Unlimited takes that one step further! Your DNA Journeys Specialist will customize a trip specific to your heritage including stops in your heritage home town, visits to vital records offices and other excursions that will bring your history to life! Your DNA Journeys Specialist will also include sightseeing to major attractions in your country of origin so you will have the perfect combination of learning and fun. The trip can also be specific to budget, travel time and more! These one of a kind vacations will create lasting memories and perhaps a few surprises along the way. The member will receive double the amount of TSU Rewards when booking DNA Travel!

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Taking the DNA Test and working with our specialist does not require you to take the trip provided. You will also be able to customize your trip to budget, time frame and personal interest.

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